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Thought I would like to share and also bring back to life my blog. This is my NAB055 DC5R Track Orientated Ride … it’s got all simple setup; I/H/E + Tune, Coilovers/Sways, 2pc Rotor/Endless Pads/Braided Lines, Splitter/Carbon Wing/Vortex Fins, A050/Advan RG, RE002/RPF1 and etc …

To see the rest of my build thread, please do not hesistate to have a look at this:

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ClubITR QLD First Annual BBQ Cruise! Just a short overview of the event and we went quite well with the BBQ and our cruise to Wivenhoe Dam and through Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo! Take a look through the link for a whole overview of the event!

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